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Fornasetti for ever….

FORNASETTI Rug - Occhio Tondo here
FORNASETTI  Rug - Flora here
Pendant from ‘Connect Furniture’ here

Maria Felix - This Lady doesn’t mess around !

La Doña.

Maria Felix

April 8, 1914 - April 8, 2002

Maria Felix originated from Mexico and became a sensation in Hollywood, reining the silver screen from 1948 to 1967. She became a muse for Givenchy, Chanel, Dior and Yves Saint Laurent with collections devoted to her beauty.

She was beautiful, over-the-top dramatic, daringly dangerous and desirable - the incarnation of the strong, sexual goddess and both men and women fell madly in love with her. Maria was said to have refused Nefertiti's crown, promised by Egypt's King Farouk, for a night of love. Maria refused the king by saying "I would rather sleep with your servant out of my own free will. At least I find him attractive”. 

She was married to the great composer Agustin Lara who had been madly in love with her and had written one of his most famous songs for her – Maria Bonita. After she had divorced Augustin Lara, she met Jorge Negrete, a very handsome popular Mexican star. Jorge was so passionately in love with her, the story goes, that shortly after their wedding he died while making love to her. 

Before Negrete died he had given her the most extravagant expensive suite of cut emeralds mounted with diamonds from Cartier. It was a necklace, a bracelet, earrings and a very big ring – long before big rings were on vogue! 

After he died, Maria discovered that the jewels hadn’t yet been paid for. The jewelers of course came to Maria Felix for the money. When she refused to pay, they wanted her to return the suite of emeralds and diamonds. Maria Felix, in her typical style looked at them and said:

Lo dado es dado.     (What is given is given.) And that was it… 

She went off to Paris, changed her whole life and met Freddie, a famous lesbian who owned a very popular nightclub called Freddie’s. Maria was bisexual, she loved men and she loved women. She became so in love with Freddie that she gave her the big diamond and emerald ring from Cartier.

When they ended the relationship after an over the top fight Maria went to Freddie and said

“I want that ring back.”

But Freddie turned to Maria and said: 

Lo dado es dado. And so it was.

Maria died on her birthday, she was 88 years old. 
Maria Felix
Jewelry that belonged to  the fabulous Maria Felix.
Maria Felix

She actually sent Cartier her real pet baby alligator in a fishbowl to use to make the necklace. A true Diva ! The twin crocodiles could be worn separately, as pins, or together, as a necklace. One of the crocodiles was covered with 1,023 yellow diamonds, the other was decorated with 1,060 green emeralds.

Special order for Maria Felix - 1975 
Crocodile Necklace from Cartier

The necklace mimics the slitheriness and weight of a real snake with hundreds of individual sections that are hinged internally. To enhance the sensation of snakeskin and protect the wearer, the inside segments of the necklace are enameled. 

Dream Home - Paris

Paris 8th on the Arc de Triomphe  at Sotheby’s Realty 
Paris 8th on the Arc de Triomphe  at Sotheby’s Realty 
Paris 8th on the Arc de Triomphe  at Sotheby’s Realty 
Paris 8th on the Arc de Triomphe  at Sotheby’s Realty 
Marquetry Cabinet,  2007 by Yannick Chastang

DIY Idea - Get the Look

Fornasetti Rug - Emisfero Occidentale here


Vanity Powder Room @ Brian Gluckstein Design

Oriental Vanity here


Farrah Fawcett
Tom Ford’s Neroli Portofino
Icon Trend Selection in Jade Green
Tony Duquette- Malachite rug from Roubini Rugs 
Climbing Leopard rug by Diane Von Furstenberg for The Rug Company
Arthur Pleva Curt Schlevogt Art Deco Vase in Jade  from VANDM
1970 Lucite Glass Coffee Table - Cache   here

Top 10 color Trend 2013/14 - ‘Get the Look'

Part II.

Icon-Trend Selection
From top:
Love seat - Christopher Guy at Robertson, Australia   HERE
Dinner table from Oly, san Fransisco at Coco Republic, Australia  HERE 
Sofa from Artifort at KEZU, Australia
Rafael de Cardenas 
Style Factory, Australia  HERE

Top 10 color Trends 2013/14 - ‘Get the Look'

Part I.

The Selman Marrakech. Photo- Grégoire Gardette
Dark shades of Purple and intense Ink Blues provide the foundation to a glamour trend with a Regency or Moroccan flair.  Root these intense shades with Ash Grey or the blackest Black.
The advanced trend-setter will mix these galaxy colors with warm  gold, bronze or amber to create an eerie brilliance.
Icon-trend Selection
From top:
Russian Amethyst colored cut glass and gilt bronze amphora vases at Bonhams Auction, Australia   HERE 

Kismos inspired low lounge chair from Taylor & Llorente   HERE
Artifort Sofa from KEZU, Australia    HERE

Magenta Kryptonite USA 1980’s
Rug from Fenton & Fenton, Australia  HERE
John Widdicomb Dining Chairs American 1960’s


Voltaire - Engraving by Baquoy, ca. 1795
"The superfluous 
is extremely necessary”-


Betty Cobonpue, 1980s Furniture Designer

Betty Cobonpue


Betty Cobonpue

Betty Cobonpue is a Philippines-based furniture designer who in the 1980s created a line of furniture called Scultura.

Cobonpue’s collection is superbly crafted and very rare to find. She has described her designs with a simple mantra: No hard edges! In her work ribbon detailing twists and lines flow smoothly through the entire furniture piece. Unlike most rattan furniture that is woven, her furniture is made from thin pieces of rattan vine, carefully cut, heated and wet-bent over wooden forms. This method makes the pieces very strong and they don’t wobble like most rattan furniture. 

Betty Cobonpue - Rattan furniture
Betty Cobonpue - Rattan furniture

Betty Cobonpue - Rattan furniture
Betty Cobonpue - Rattan furniture
Betty Cobonpue - Rattan furniture
Betty Cobonpue - Rattan furniture 
Betty Cobonpue - Rattan furniture
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