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……….Root Furnishing

Chista stump table via 
Stump coffee table  -  Hudson Furniture
Stump table by Arteriors    via

……….Root Furnishing

Coco Republic - oly -  resin twig shelf  via

Dutch Designer Anke Weiss - Bonsai table

Dutch Designer Anke Weiss - Bonsai table
.. made from 150 Bonsai trees! 

Root furniture
The origins of this style of furniture lay in China. 
Root furniture being a genre where stools, chairs and tables were made from tree roots, chosen for their knotty, twisted appearance and minimally pruned and worked. 

These odd-looking pieces are depicted in the paintings of the Song dynasty (920-1279) and may have been produced even earlier. They are, however, particularly associated with the Ming dynasty (1368-1644) and were made throughout the Quing (1644-1911).

Their rustic simplicity was combined with ingenious joinery that made the furniture sturdy while interfering as little as possible with the organic growth pattern of the material.

Artificial ornamentation or carving was never used on root furniture. Like Chinese sculpture consisting of oddly shaped stones, it was associated with an attitude toward nature, of seeing natural forms and details as important sources of philosophical and artistic stimulation that Taoism and certain Buddhist sects shared.

Root furniture was often found in the rural retreats of scholar-artists, but its combination of simplicity and sophistication had a wide appeal, and it was also used by urban officials, aristocrats, and even some emperors.

1stdips-Chinese Root Carved Table China 1940’s  via
Chinese Antique Root Wood Bench  via

Winged Fantasies - The Swan Motive

Neo Classical Console - German, early19th-century
The romantic Swan motive 

Swans are monogamous, meaning that they have a pair bond that sometimes lasts a lifetime. However, if a swan loses its mate, especially early in its breeding years, the remaining bird doesn’t typically die of a “broken heart”. Most often, it will bond with another individual to continue producing offspring. The reality is that some new genetic testing suggests that there are many more “divorces” of monogamous pairs than first thought.

Vintage - Sherle Wagner Gold Plated Bronze Swan Bath Tub Faucet   here

Vintage - Sherle Wagner Gold Swan & Glass Towel-Bar & Paper Holder - Portugal, 1960s here

……….Treasure Chest

Grotto Shell Chair
Neoclassical armchair - Russian,  circa1805.   
Venus Chair - German, circa1800    via

……….Trend Shells

Christopher Guy - Venus Shell Chair
Hollywood Regency Solid Brass Shell Form Planter -  USA 1960’s   here
Shell Console -  USA 1940’s   here
Shell Minaudiere -Embossed Brass - Lavin  here
Iris van Herpen

Trend: Shells

Lorenzo Bartolini (1777–1850) Venus in her shell
Piranesi chair
Italian Venetian Grotto 19th via Newel

Trend Allert - Coquillages

Pair of Shell Shaped Rougier Designed Lamps, Canada 1970s.

Large Rougier Twisted Table Lamps,  Canada,1970s  via
Pair of Shell Shaped rare Signed Rougier Lamp, Canada 1970’s   via

Angelika Taschen - Apartment, Berlin

Chinoiserie Cult

Dragon Scroll - Art Movement, Japanese Meiji Period (1868-1912) via
MCM - Boston bag
Evening Jacket from Jeanne Lanvin,1936-1937 

French Plate, Sèvres hard-paste porcelain - 1791

….. Excellence in color - Vincent van Gogh

Vincent Van Gogh, 1890

If you die for Chinoiserie, have a look...

Ralph Lauren - 011

Coromandel Lacquer Gilt-wood  Cabinet - Europe 1920   via

Bristol Sofa - Maison 24 via

Coromandel table
Chinoiserie Carpet from Carini Lang - Tree Cloud via

…… Chinoiserie in Jade

Jade Qi-pao
George I style chinoiserie cabinet via
Niba rugs - Dragon Scale 

Tory Burch staircase  - gold and Jade green
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