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Inspiration for the chinese bath

Bathroom designed by Mary Watkins Wood
Just use a chinese style carpet 
Chinese Oriental Carpet - 1900  via
Peking Chinese Art Deco Rug Chinese - 1900 via
Acrylic transparent ming chair from  jia moderne  via 

…. asian style is in the detail

A fresh blue bathroom with asian inspired details
Dragon Jade Faucet “ Le 11 by Alberto Pinto 
Antique Brass Bathroom Sink Faucet
Georges Barbier (1882-1932) 

Lapis Lazuli Counter via

… Sea-Shell coloured luxury Bathrooms

Opened in 1934, the Yangtze Hotel - Shanghai
Green sea-shell mosaics-tile
Onyx sink
Vintage Malachite & Gold Plated Faucet - Portugal circa 1960s  via
Bathroom in the restaurant 'Les Trois Garçons’ - Paris

…… Harmony in green and Gold

Massive Phyllis Morris Stylized Bronze Dragons With Female Nudes - USA Circa 1970s  via
Huizhou architecture - Chinese traditional home
Harmony in Blue and Gold -  The Peacock Room 1876-1877

….. Chinese Style Bathroom

Bertolini Bathroom
Dramatic chinese color theme inspiration

……. A kings bath

George and Elizabeth Bathroom from 1938

These special and incredible bathrooms were originally designed for King George VI and his wife Elizabeth, for their stay in the palace during an official visit to Paris in 1938. 
The inspiration for the design was Apollo, god of sun, and Diana, goddess of the moon. In reflection of such, the King’s bath has been outfitted in gold, and the Queen's, in silver. 

This rooms are located in the Quai d'Orsay, in the building that houses the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Paris. One-thousand workmen and 37 companies were hired to complete the restoration, bathrooms included. Only in 2003 the two rooms  were restored. 

George and Elizabeth Bathroom from 1938
George and Elizabeth Bathroom from 1938
Details !
George and Elizabeth Bathroom from 1938
Silver sink for the Queen. Also see the details like the marble placement….

George and Elizabeth Bathroom from 1938
George and Elizabeth Bathroom from 1938

 Sui He, Li Bing Bing & Chen Ran for Lane Crawford Spring 2012 Campaign 
Jan Logan
Lavin - green shell

….. the green Dragon

 Shu Pei in Lanvin - S Moda
Paul  Iribe Commode

…. Imperial Seafoam

Vintage Harvey Probber Sectional Sofa - USA 1953 via

Jan Logan Laurel
Chinese wallpaper panels - 1930

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