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Door Porn - Action 4.

John Frederics wholesale salon designed by T.H. Robsjohn Gibbings
Doors in a Vintage Movie from the 1940

Door Porn… ACTION 2.

Photo: Fashionising.com  -  Guinevere-Van-Seenus for Vogue UK

Precious Metals

Italy 1970 Tommaso Barbi

Trends: Precious Metals 

Brass, bronze, pewter and copper can be seen almost everywhere. Precious metals and artisan workmanships of the 20s,30s and 40s have been reborn and paired with materials of today like concrete, glass and marble. We will see much more of these fabulous centre pieces.

NEWEL-English Regency style (19th Cent) large brass palm tree
Murano and Bronze Art-Deco hanging lamp by V&M 

Second quarter century - Highly stylized gilt metal chandelier

Chinoiserie Pop Art ...

Nichols Chinese Art Deco Rug

The most recognizable rugs from the 1920s and 1930s are Chinese rugs made by Walter Nichols. These rugs were made primarily during the Art Deco movement, were usually made out of wool and silk and depicted floral designs in rich, bold colors.
After World War One, Walter Nichols arrived in China and created his art deco designed rugs using the Chinese rug making principals and practices and incorporating all the usual and traditional Chinese elements but in the new modernist deco way. Often clashing colour combinations were characteristic of the Nichols rug and it is this which I personally love most. It is no surprise that current interior design trends have picked up on these incredible carpets. 


Chinoiserie Pop Art ….

Marquise Chair - Gilles Nouailhac Bailly
Club chair at www.cb2.com

Fresh piping highlights the box shape and gives an eclectic chinoiserie feel to a classic club chair


Upholstery project - fabric by Frommental

Get inspiration for your walls…


Feeling Jaded 

Jade, a gemstone most commonly found in shades of green, can be traced back to ancient China as far back as 5000 BC. Jade was referred to as “The Stone of Heaven” because it was thought of as a link between the physical and spiritual worlds. Besides its toughness, the smoothness of the stone and the broad range of colors made it very attractive to early artisans and artists. The basic Jade color is white and has a colorless opaqueness. Only inclusions of different metals give it the most beautiful colors. 

According to the Chinese mythology the Jade is the dry sperm of dragon and for the Maya’s Jade was the stone of creation. 

Jade as a gemstone and color is relevant again. These shades of green can be easily incorporated into any natural and classic color design concept and help to create a fresh look and spirit.

Get inspired by this shades….

Alexandra von Furstenberg - neon coffee table
Acyl neon coffee table - a fantastic addition to a classic setting.

Get inspired by this shades….

Source unknown

Icon loves ...

Icon loves ….


Sideboard - source unknown,  lounge at Domayne Online Store, chinoiserie jar by Jean Boggio for Franz, table at Coco Republic chair from Connect Furniture, arc light at spenceandllyda.com.au, cane chair at completed.com.au.

Icon loves….

Icon loves….

Chandelier at spenceandlyda.com.aucanvas two-seater sofa at Complete Padtable at fourtwo.com.auoccasional 'Montparnasse' Chair by Coco Republicribbon pedestal at hyphenate.com.au
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