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Women Warriors - Nothing is new!

Renee Perle. By Jacques Henri Lartigue. 1914

Nothing is new.

Everything is a recreation of something that’s already been done.

Although I’m not entirely convinced that everything could possibly have already been created, the past has a wonderful ability to inspire new things to be done, but in a different way or form, creating something that feels fresh, exciting and new to the times. Fashion is much like this. Today - we think that our relaxed way of wearing fashion and the highly individual mix of high-end labels & low price items is an invention of our times. This is far from the truth. Renee Perle was mixing ‘high & low’ in 1914, wearing a sport T-shirt with jewelries and an elegant coiffure with a lace veil. Très chic!
Nonetheless, when all of the components that en-capsule a unique and specific period of time are done for the first time, its existence is original and lives on.
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