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Global and Exotic Interiors

Icon Baby - Decorate with mirrored walls
Icon Baby - Decorate walls with shells (Janine-Janet )
Icon-Baby - Mix patterns and always add an animal print (Piero Castellini Baldissera)

Modern attitude and old cultures

Modern attitude and old cultures - Exotic Global Interiors

This is a style very close to my heart, reflecting the many countries I called “HOME” over the years and the many cultures I experienced - and opened up to me.

China’s ancient workmanships and proportions; Hong Kong, where East and West exist vis-à-vis, French elegance and savoir vivre, Indian splendor, and New York’s energy.

Sophisticated juxtapositions, clever pairings, artisan art, crafts and workmanships updated with a modern twist and mixed with midcentury classics.

Global style inspires me and excites my imagination and evokes treasured memories.

Global Exotic Interiors
Legong dancer, Bali, 1926 by Andre Roosevelt.
Ni Lollok aged about 11, later the model and wife of Belgian painter in Bali A.J. Le Mayeur.

Global & Exotic - Get the Look in Australia

Icon-Baby Blog -  Get the Look in Australia

01///  Hand  decorated shell mirror from 'Connect Furniture', Australia.
02///  Cowrie shell neckpiece mounted on a stand from
          Nest EmporiumAustralia.
03///  Handmade Urn Vase made in India from Weylandts, Australia.
04///  Faux Burlwood D-C-Fix Decorative Vinyl from Berlin Wallpaper. 
         Great for DIY!
05///  Arot Wallpaper from Phillip Jeffries
06///  The Chinoiserie faux bamboo cabinet, a reproduction from a 
         19s century original from Laura Kincade, Australia
07///  Barry Dixon Josephine Screen, inspired by Josephine Baker from Arteriors
         available in Australia via Boyd Blue.
08///  Vintage rattan chair from Complete Pad, Australia.
09///  Lombok resin clamshell ornament from Coco Republic, Australia.
10///  Limited edition faceted glass vase #2 from  Coco Republic, Australia.
11///  Oceania Nestling Tables with a faux Tortoise shell table top from
         Bernhardt Interiors, Australia.

Please contact me for further product details.
Barclay Butera

French Design from the 60s and 70s - Maria Pergay

Maria Pergay advertisement, 1972 
Maria Pergay
Brigitte Bardot's sits well with the lines of the 'flying carpet' daybed!

Something Utopic surrounds Pergay's work. Each work, to Pergay, is "An expression of — what [...] maybe coms from Mars or the moon?"

Maria Pergay, Flying Carpet Daybed, 1968

French Design from the 60s and 70s - Maria Pergay

Maria Pergay - The Chinese Room 
Maria Pergay: Place des Vosges,” the Chinese Room installation in the Hotel de Duras, with Maria Pergay’s Pyrite Table (2010), center, as well as the Mother of Pearl Cabinet (2005) and the Sabre Console (2010), sponsored by Demisch Danant and JGM Galerie, photo by Thierry Depagne.
Maria Pergay - Sabre Console against an antique chinese Cormandel screen
French Design from the 60s and 70s 
Having a surrealistic and utopic air, the strength of 60s and 70s French Design reforms standards of modern living through an intriguing combination of expressiveness and functionality. With a signature Pop aesthetic sweeping throughout many of the designs, this period captured the world’s imagination with its innovative creations. Pergay has said it “looks so strong, hard, and cold yet is sweet and not sharp, and matches with everything.

One of the significant designers from this era is Maria Pergay (b. 1930). Pergay has been creating innovative and elegant furniture using stainless steel for more than 55 years. In 1968, Maria Pergay presented her first collection of stainless steel furniture at Galerie Maison et Jardin and established Pergay as one of the most innovative French furniture designers of her time. The visionary designer almost single-handedly transformed stainless steel from a commercial industrial material into a main component of modern furniture. She molded the cold and hard effects of steel into distinctively elegant and sensual forms and creating something altogether new. Pergay fans have included King Fahd of Saudi Arabia and Pierre Cardin who bought her entire first furniture collection.

Maria Pergay - The Chinese Room - Places des Vosges
Maria Pergay: Place des Vosges, installation in the Hotel de Duras, with Pergay’s new Marie Antoinette Table, and Pierre Paulin Mushroom Chair. Photo by Thierry Depagne.

French Design from the 60s and 70s - Andrée Putman

Book scan from 'FRENCH STYLE' 1982 - Andree Putman's apartment in Paris
Book scan from 'FRENCH STYLE' 1982 - Andree Putman's apartment in Paris
Andrée Putman's Paris loft is in a 17th century building. There are no interior partitions in the loft space. Furniture is placed against the walls or in relation to the strong verticals created by the metal beams. The bedroom has been installed in an L-shaped alcove in the loft. The bed placed on a low platform, is separated from the rest of the space by a series of panels of giber glass mosquito netting hung from a track. The sheer fabric allows the bed to be enclosed and private, yet lets light into the areas.

Book scan from 'FRENCH STYLE' 1982 - Andree Putman's apartment in Paris
 Andree Putman'

Flamingos - Vintage Treasure Find, Sydney, Australia

Icon-Baby The Vintage Treasure Find: Large Flamingo wall-art, circa 1970.
Isn't it fantastic! I found this artwork from the 70s in Sydney, Australia.  It was love on first sight and I had-to-have it. The original owner had it in her shop, but didn't sell it. She treasured it too much and wanted to make sure that it would came into good hands! Well, they are now. Thank you again for trusting me with this one-of-a-kind vintage piece. I'm still looking for the perfect frame. I think a simple plexiglass top is the best solution. What do you think?

Icon-Baby The Vintage Treasure Find: Large Flamingo wall-art, circa 1970.
Flamingos are my favorite birds since I saw them in the wild in the Carmargue. This is the region located south of Arles, France, between the Mediterranean Sea and the two arms of the Rhône River delta. Here are some of my sketches I made when I was there. I also found a Flamingo feather, apparently very rare.
Flamingo Sketch - Sabine Warlich - Icon-Baby
Flamingo Sketch, Detail - Sabine Warlich - Icon-Baby

Fabulous Sexy Statement Pieces - - - - Get the Look!

ICON BABY - The List
1//    Annabelle Lamp from InStyle Decor. A great idea for a DIY
2//    Madeline Stuart couch 
3//    Jonathan Adler Bacharach swivel chair 
4//    Shagreen covered coral Peony coffee table from Celerie Kemple at Dering Hall. MY ALL TIME FAVORITE !
5//    De Colombe velvet sofa from Dering Hall in a sensual skin tone. DIY - A great upholstery idea for your old couch. 
6//    Side or centre table in coral lacquer from Dering Hall. DIY - Revamp your Grannie's table in a shiny lacquer finish. 
7//    Flamingo No.3 print from 'The Animal Print Shop
8//    Xena Armchair from Complete Pad, Australia 
9// Vintage Jens Risom Sofa from 1960. DIY - Be brave and upholster your leather sofa in a mango hue.

Carlo Mollino - Teatro Regio, a Sensual Masterpiece. IV.

Carlo Mollino - Teatro-Regio, 1965-73  Photo Cavalli
At a time of the prevailing Modernist style, Mollino preferred the curvaceous, sensual lines of Art Nouveau and Gaudi. E r o t i c i s m  and the female body were his great inspirations. 

In the Sixties he returned to architecture and his last public masterpiece, the Teatro Regio in Turin (1965-73) is noted for its vaulting, aerodynamic balconies and sensual lines. 

He photographed women throughout his life and aimed to animate the solid geometry of buildings with their living, female forms. The red carpets, curtains, velvet upholstery and soft lighting create a pulsing energy full of erotic.

Carlo Mollino - The main entrance of the Teatro Regio seen from inside
Carlo Mollino, Teatro Regio, 1965-73 (Detail). Photo Armin Linke
Carlo Mollino, Teatro Regio, 1965-73 (Detail). Photo Armin Linke
Carlo Mollino, Teatro Regio, 1965-73 (Detail). Photo Armin Linke 
Carlo Mollino, sala maria callas
Carlo Mollino - The cloakroom of the Teatro

Carlo Mollino III.

Carlo Mollino - untitled polaroid, 1960s and one of his infamous chair designs.
E r o t i c   P o l a r o i d s   w e r e   h i s   f i n a l   p a s s i o n .   A decade before his death, he fell in love with the instantaneous speed of the Polaroid camera. Abandoning his other photographic equipment, he started snapping local women as if his life depended on it. His erotic shots explored every manifestation of male fantasy – But with an aesthetic perfectionism that detoured pornography and created instead sexually charged works of art. 

 After his death, two thousand erotic Polaroids were found in his apartment.

Carlo Mollino - untitled polaroid, 1960s
Carlo Mollino - untitled polaroid, 1960s
Carlo Mollino - 1960s
Carlo Mollino - untitled polaroid, 1960s
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