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Snakes are an iconic design element that will be seen in more ways than one. Get inspired! Curious? See more here

1. l-objet.com   2. Gold snake ring with opal stone  3. Regency Giltwood Convex Mirror  3. Art Deco solid brass serpent sconces @1stdips  4. 1930's Edgar Brandt cobra andirons  5. Cobra side table via pollaro.com

Trending: Take Inspiration from Ancient Egypt | Part II. FASHION & JEWELLERY | Icon-Baby, Global Views on Trends

Schlangen Serpentes Snakes 
Get inspired! Curious? See more here 
Princess Soraya of Iran (1958–2001)
Antidote Magazine - Malgosia Bela 
Gucci Fall 2016 

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Trending: Take Inspiration from Ancient Egypt | Part I. FASHION | Icon-Baby, Global Views on Trends

Schlangen Serpents Snake 

There will be a renaissance of Egyptian design elements in fashion, accessories and interior design. As one of the oldest and most widespread mythological symbols, snakes remain as popular in art and design as they did back in ancient Egyptian times. What makes this creature so intriguing to mankind is its dual expression of good and evil, fertility and rebirth, poison and medicine. Get inspired! Curious? See more here

Barbara Bui - Snake boot
Elizabeth Taylor - in Cleopatra
Allesandra Rich 
Valentino - Spring 2016 
Hellenistic Period, Circa 330-300 B.C.

Upper arm bracelet with a cobra motif - Egyptian
Icon-Baby - The trend blog
Lanvin – Collar and Necklace. Photography- Dominique Maitre
Givenchy AW2016 Inspiration - Ancient Egypt
Givenchy AW2016 | Inspiration - Ancient Egypt

This blog post will be updated during the season.

Global View on Trends - Fashion Accessories - Prada Winter 2016-17

Prada Winter 2016-17 
Prada Winter 2016-17
1954 Alfa Romeo BAT 7
Prada Winter 2016-17
Prada Winter 2016-17 
1952 Lancia B52 Aurelia PF200 Spider 

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Icon-baby, the blog for trends in fashion, interiors and more

1. Vintage butterfly necklace  2. Jill Haber RTW Spring 2016 clutch  here 3. Hunting Season emerald green Python clutch here  4. Alessandra Rich suede Minaudiere  here 5. Emerald python mini bucket bag @Hunting Season 2016 here   

Marc Jacobs | AW 2016/17

Icons - Marlon Brando, a Complicated Man

Marlon Brando

Interview with Marlon Brando
Conducted by James Grissom By Telephone 1990

Life will tear you apart and destroy you, 
each and every day. 
People are suffering and starving and dying; 
people are lying and cheating; 
resources are spread far too thin. 
We have to live, and we have to love. 
We can love in many ways, and I am really only capable, 
at times, of loving through my art, my work, so that’s what I should do. 
I have to learn to love others more fully. 
We have to love everything.
I think the world improves–the entire world–
when we appreciate a beautifully crafted sentence in a book; 
when we remember our mothers as a song plays; 
when we watch an actor giving his or her all to a scene. 
We can take this love, 
this incredible feeling of connection and gratitude, 
and we can share it with another person. 
I think this is how we can immediately 
heal the world and ourselves.

Interview with Marlon BrandoConducted by James GrissomBy Telephone 1991

We tolerate and we delay the inevitable pain 
of being human by various means, 
and the creation of art was the honorable route I chose. 
Others find a God, a spirit, a schedule of spiritual exercises 
to stave off the pain of being human. 
Others turn to drugs or sex or food, 
and I have made my way down that fleshly path. 
Dull the pain; deny the past; make the future bright 
with sweat and cum and shiny eyes of desire.
Eventually, we are made still--
by tragedy or age or both. 
We have to sit and think and reflect, 
and we have to face our humanity. 
It has always been there, this task, 
but we have pushed it away, tamped it down, 
covered it like Blanche's naked light bulb.
So here we are, facing our humanity. 

Where do we begin?

Trending: Fashion Accessories in Shades of Jade Green || Look II. GET INSPIRED!

Icon-Baby, the trend blog for fashion, interiors and more.
 1. Carolina Herrera tiered textured organza skirt @ Moda Operandi  2. Handbag from Chloe - SS16 in a dusty shade of Jade Green suede and lizard   3. Vintage Find: 1970's Jomaz Turquoise Collar - Jomaz signed large gold toned collar with blue enamel and turquoise cabochons  4.  Transparent Maison Martin Margiela boots in a water-like green shade  5. Annick Gautal Paris perfume 'Ninfeo'  6. Brahmin Melbourne Collection Large Duxbury Croco-Embossed Satchel.
Gilda Ambrosio - Street-Style Fashion Photography by Nabile
Paris Fashion Week Winter 2016
Gucci Spring 2016
Jade carving - Qianlong period (1736–95)
Visual storytelling - Minty Outfit 
Icon-Baby, the trend blog for fashion, interiors and more.
Marisa Berenson by Barbieri in Vogue, April 1969

Trending: Fashion accessories in shades of Emerald Green || The Look I. GET INSPIRED!

Icon-Baby, the trend blog for fashion, interiors and more

1. Vintage find antique - 'eye' pin inspiration 2. Emerald green 'Blue Jean' lizard crossbody bag @ Hunting Season  3. Vintage Bottega Veneta handbag   4. Square handbag from Mark Cross Mark Cross1845  5. Vintage 70s Rolex  6.  Givenchy handbag in a wonderful emerald green  7. Rosantica 'Etna' gold-tone, quartz and wood necklace  9. Biba mini clutch House of Fraser  10. Elie Saab 2015 here
Elie Saab

Fringed emerald green vintage jacket 
Prada's woven leather handbag
Antique Chinese stone carving vase (source unknown)

GIANVITO ROSSI Velvet boots 2016
Michael Kors Handbag
Lavin | F/W 2016 
Miu Miu |  Fall Winter 2016-17 

Trending - Oriental Blue for Interior Accents

Entrance hall - Milan Italy | House & Garden
Strong powerful colour shades can be a beautiful addition to a space, but knowing when to stop is key. Applying shades like oriental blues or 'Yve Klein' blue with experience and restraint can be elegant and polished, but go to far and you end up with vulgarity. Avoid so-called 'accent walls' and add your favorite colours with artworks.

Escultura de acero inoxidable de Aldo Chaparro
The new trends and forecasts are all about the colour blue. The brighter the better! But limit yourself and invest in mostly long-lasting pieces that you love with just a sprinkle of 'now' items that can be easily edited in and out.

Jacques Majorelle - Berber Painting
Tuareg, Niger © Victor Englebert
Peacock Pavilions in Marrakesh
Yve Klein Blue painting

Yves Saint Laurent in Marrakech
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